Set yourself apart from the competition!

Get access to expert-selected content that helps you stand out in interviews.

Paddle Expert Recommendations

Prepare to get hired in your dream career with Paddle’s Expert Recommendations. Paddle will give you the world’s best career advice and content to set you apart from the competition. Thousands of students have used Paddle’s Expert Motivations to stand out in interviews and get jobs of their dreams. Top students at Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Oxford are using Paddle to get jobs at Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and Procter & Gamble.

Paddle’s expert network of industry leaders have hand-picked the must-read, must-attend and must-do activities for some of the most in-demand careers, including: Professional Services, Large Business, Public Administration, Startups, and Non-Governmental Organizations. These are industry insider’s best kept secrets about getting your dream job and standing out of the crowd!

Paddle has built the world’s largest collection of top-tier, expert-selected content, and has built a state-of-the-art technology system to find the best, most personalized, recommendations, just for you. The library has been built from the ground up to include everything from articles and videos you can check out from your computer, all the way to the world’s most prestigious fellowships.

Look no further that Paddle for exactly what you need to do to get ahead in your career.

What you will get

Paddle’s Expert Recommendations starts with you selecting which careers you want to get a job in. Paddle then scans its 2,000+ library of top-tier, expert-selected content to find the best, most personalized, recommendations, just for you. You can use the recommendations to figure out which career you want, or even prepare for an interview. Here are some of the examples of content you’ll get with Paddle:

Read: We’ve found quick reads and top articles from leading publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and FastCompany. For those that prefer a deeper dive, we’ve also hand-picked the best books to get ahead in your career, from authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Tim Ferris.

Watch: We have searched for the most influential speakers in the world, including Simon Sinek and Sheryl Sandberg and selected their best presentations. We didn’t stop there - we’ve also got top quality TV shows and movies to help you understand the culture, not just the concepts.

Listen: For the long commute to work or school, we’ve found some of the most fascinating and illuminating podcast and recording lectures, from radio legends like Alex Blumberg and Roman Mars.

Meet: Where in the world can you meet other young professionals who are already thriving in their career? We’ve found the best online communities, conferences and events that you can join. Organizations like World Economic Forum and One Young World. These are the kind of places where you can meet the connections you need.

Experience: Learn by doing? Us too. We’ve found some of the best hands-on experiences, fellowship programs and tools to help you start taking action today. We’ve even got tips on what you can do on campus!

“I am studying engineering and doing well, but I know there are millions of other students like me, and the competition for jobs is high. Paddle’s Expert Recommendations helped me stand out in Google interviews because I could talk about bigger picture ideas that they wouldn’t normally expect from an entry-level engineer. That impressed them so much and I got the job.”
- Jason, an undergraduate student at Cornell University who spent a summer working at Google, New York City

“Results were bang-on and particularly loved the career recommendations. I wish I had access during my second and third years of undergrad. It would have helped me identify and focus in on my long-term goals a lot sooner.”
- Joshi, an undergraduate student at Stanford University who did a summer internship with Facebook, San Francisco

Set yourself apart from the competition!

Get access to expert-selected content that helps you stand out in interviews.