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Modern life is warped by the trend of specialization — the push for each person to be an expert in their own little niche. But is this serving us well? In business, government and non-profits, as well as in personal life, sports and the arts, we are led down the rabbit hole of narrow expertise. As a result, most of us lack the coping skills for succeeding in ever-changing, more complex, and diverse societies.

Paddle’s research suggests that several immutable trends are bringing an end to the era of linear specialization. Instead, the future belongs to non-linear generalists — those who have both depth and breadth across multiple sectors, disciplines, and functions. Paddle’s research found that people who embrace the non-linear career path are more likely to survive and thrive in the future of work. In the process, they also become more innovative, adaptable and collaborative.

Paddle’s interactive self-assessment tools, professional development recommendations and career planning resources stem from this research. As a result, Paddle helps students develop a plan to acquire both depth and breadth in their careers, and prepare for the non-linear future of work.

Paddle offers two types of assessments:

Paddle Motivations Assessment

  • The Paddle Motivations Assessment helps you understand what drives you so that you can make better career decisions

Paddle Expert Recommendations

  • Based on your motivations and preferred sectors, Paddle scours the internet each week and recommends tailored resources, tools and content to guide you along your journey

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Paddle Customer Service

If you are having difficulties with your assessment, please contact Paddle directly at help@mypaddle.co. You can also try their Online Live Chat or fill out the contact form on their website http://www.mypaddle.co/contact/.