About Hope Research and Practice Institute

Professionals are those who have sought extensive education and training for the purpose of providing a service to others. Being a professional necessitates staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and practice in one's chosen field. At Hope Research and Practice Institute they provide professional development programs informed by the latest research, and do so using the latest pedagogical technologies. Their programs and workshops are not only innovative and high quality, but also personally relevant. Michael Polanyi, famous chemist and philosopher, said that 'all knowing is personal knowing', and similarly we believe that all genuine learning is personal learning. In this respect, their courses are designed to connect with the learner through material and experiences which are personally meaningful and applied.

Apart from providing professional development workshops and short courses, they also work with organisations to design bespoke professional development experiences which meet the current needs of the organisation and its professionals. While an 'off the shelf' CPD program may well be suitable, it may not meet the specific needs of your organisation at a given time. Their experienced team can work with you to develop innovative, purpose-built professional development experiences.

Hope is the foundational principle and practice on which they at Hope Research and Practice Institute base their approach to life and work. This is because hope orientates them to the future and provides them with the motivation to envision new possibilities, and create pathways around obstacles. Hope asks, "what is possible?", and in so doing encourages them to imagine and to create break-through innovations which expand our horizons. It is their goal to design and deliver quality professional development and support, which takes you and your organisation towards a stronger, possibility-filled future.

Hope Research and Practice Institute students come from every country in the world! No matter what you are interested in, Hope Research and Practice Institute has the courses for you!

Hope Research and Practice Institute offers courses in:

Accessing Your Hope Research and Practice Institute Purchase

Once your course purchase has been completed, you will receive a ‘Purchase Confirmation’ email from betterU. You will also be receiving an email from Hope Research and Practice Institute within 24-48 hours with instructions on how to access your course. Make sure to check your spam / junk or any other email folder just in case the email was delivered there instead of your inbox. If you do not hear from Hope Research and Practice Institute after 48 hours, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the ‘Help’ button at the bottom right of your screen.

Hope Research and Practice Institute Customer Support

If you are having difficulties with your course, please contact Hope Research and Practice Institute directly at fionaohara@hoperpi.com. or by having a look at the FAQ page.