Improve your English speaking skills, anytime and anywhere.

Learn on your own, using your mobile device or computer and practice speaking with our expert teachers through live, online classes.

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EnglishBolo Services

Online Programme
Learn on any device — computer/mobile/laptop.
Multilingual Support
Navigate the website in your own language with real-time word translation.
Level Placement
Learners are assessed and content is tailored to their level so they can start speaking effectively at work and socially.
Learning Material
Aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an international standard for describing language ability.
Final Test and Completion Certificate
Upon completion of the modules, learners take a test and are awarded a completion certificate.

About EnglishBolo

EnglishBolo is a blended learning solution that helps improve English speaking skills, anytime and anywhere. The content and classes are specifically designed to be easy, effective and engaging.

Launched by IL&FS Education in collaboration with US-based ed-tech company EnglishHelper, EnglishBolo is targeted at employed youth across hierarchies who would like to improve their English and excel in their personal and professional lives.

Learning Methodology

EnglishBolo is based on the value of multisensory learning, encouraging learners to read, listen and speak to improve confidence and fluency.

The programme is made up of 2 segments that complement each other – Self-Learning lessons and Teacher-Led classes.

Self-Learning Lessons

40 Learn Yourself Modules This is facilitated by tools built into the programme, including reading aloud at various speeds, pronunciation tools, dictionary, picture dictionary and multilingual support.

Teacher-Led Classes

10 Learn with a Teacher Modules After every 3 self-learning lessons, learners can join online conversation practice classes with expert teachers to help build confidence and spoken English skills.



Access to broadband or 3G data services.


Learn on any device — computer, smartphone or tablet.


3h of self-learning & 1h of teacher-led; 4h/week total.

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