About Ed4Credit

Ed4Online created Ed4Credit to assist people in obtaining their dream of a college degree. With the cost of college escalating each year, it is becoming difficult for many to start let alone complete. Ed4Credit believes that everyone deserves a chance to have an education.

Ed4Credit offers a completely affordable opportunity for students to start their evolution through education. They hope that through our high-quality classes you can succeed in completing your college degree.

  • Mission: To assist in the evolution of humanity through education.
  • Vision: We are forever changed by everything we learn. It is our goal, at Ed4Credit, to facilitate this evolution by providing a high-quality, low-cost college approved curriculum.

Ed4Credit students come from every country in the world! No matter what you are interested in, Ed4Credit has the courses for you!

Ed4Credit offers courses in:

Accessing Your Ed4Credit Purchase

Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive a ‘Purchase Confirmation’ email from betterU. Your account will be created on Ed4Credit automatically within the next few hours. Once your account has been created you will receive an email from Ed4Credit containing your account access details. If an account is not created for any reason, our support team will contact you within 24-48 hours to resolve the issue.

Ed4Credit Customer Support

If you are having difficulties with your course, please contact Ed4Credit directly by filling out their contact form, calling (727) 824-7800 ext.4, visiting their FAQ or by Live Chat.