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WordPress Local Install and Two Methods to Migrate Online
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  • At the end of this course students should have an understanding of the physical structure of WordPress, and understand and implement two different ways to migrate a WordPress site from a local computer or domain, to another online hosting server
  • Anyone interested in becoming a WordPress web developer
  • People that build WordPress websites for customers
  • Anyone interested in exploring and experimenting with WordPress offline
  • People that wish to migrate a WordPress site from one domain to another
Lectures 12
Video 1 hour
Skill level All Levels
Language English
Includes Lifetime access
Available on iOS and Android

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Jamie Henry Jamie Henry
Web Developer

With over 25 years experience in the I.T. industry, Jamie has huge experience in many different fields. Originally from England, Jamie moved to the US in 2007 working for an I.T. company in Tennessee. Now a free lance web developer specializing in WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Joomla and Bootstrap, Jamie also has his own I.T. company near Knoxville in Tennessee, and is keen to pass his skills on to the ever growing web development world.

Course Outline


Section 1: Start Here
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Overview
Lecture 3: Xampp download
Lecture 4: Download-WordPress
Lecture 5: Local Database Creation
Lecture 6: Create a new WordPress Site
Lecture 7: Installing Plugin for transferring your WordPress Site
Lecture 8: Create a Database on your Online Hosting Server
Lecture 9: Upload Local site to the Online Hosting Server
Lecture 10: Manually Transfer your Local WordPress site to the Online Hosting Server
Lecture 11: Overview of the Manual Transfer Process
Section 2: Bonus Section
Lecture 12: Course Completion


  • Need to have a basic knowledge of WordPress
  • Need to have a PC or Mac computer
  • Need to have an interest in WordPress migration