WordPress Backup And Restore Fundamentals

Complete video guide on how to backup and restore your WordPress blog.

WordPress Backup And Restore Fundamentals

Course Description

This course explains the necessary steps needed to successfully backup and restore your WordPress blog to a functional state. A backup of your blog is vital in many situations.
The course describes how to manually backup and restore your blog and how to automate this tasks by using plugins.

The course includes video tutorials and presentation slides.

Course duration is about 1 hour.

Course Outcomes:
  • By the end of this course you will be able to fully backup and restore your WordPress blog.
  • It will get into details of why do you need a backup, how can you create one, how can you fully restore your blog from a backup, etc.
Course Details:

Target Audience

Students that are interested in becoming more proficient with WordPress.

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Full Lifetime Access
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About Instructor:

Cristian Gradisteanu - Ethical hacker, software developer and Entrepreneur.

Course Outline

Introduction to the course.

Introduces the locally hosted WordPress site used during this course.

Some reasons of why do you want to backup.

What files or folders do you have to backup.

How to manually backup your WordPress blog.

How to backup your WordPress blog using FTP client.

How to backup your database using phpMyAdmin web interface.

Deleting our WordPress database.

Deleting our WordPress blog.

Describes how to install a fresh copy of Wordpress.

Describes how to restore the database using phpMyAdmin.

What to take into consideration when choosing a WordPress plugin.

Covers the WordPress plugins discussed in this course.

How to install and configure BackUpWordpress plugin.

How to install WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin.

How to create a new Dropbox account.

How to authorize the plugin to use Dropbox and description of its settings.

This is how the backup looks in our Dropbox account.

How to use Dropbox file versioning in order to recover older files.

Discuss about premiun solutions to WordPress backup plugins.

A few words in the end.

Technical Requirements

I will assume that you are already a WordPress user, but no advanced WordPress knowledge is necessary.


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