I Will Teach You to Be A World-Class Business Coach

So that you can help yourself and others to perform powerfully to increase your influence, impact in the marketplace

I Will Teach You to Be A World-Class Business Coach

Course Description

After many years of learning how and performing as a performance coach to business leaders and entrepreneurs I have decided to share the things i have learned and know with you so that you can continue to enjoy what I have long enjoyed… Seeing people who are struggling to make it, do what it takes to survive, thrive, and flourish.

This one session course would cost you hundreds of dollars in coaching instruction, and when you take the whole series of 12 courses yet to come, i will teach you what cost me thousands of dollars, thousands of hours of work , plus blood, sweat, and tears to learn and achieve so that you can join the ranks of those who do what matters … You coach!  Let’s do it now,

August 2016

Stan Hustad

Course Outcomes:
  • You will be challenged and indeed confronted with the opportunity to be a world-class business performance coach.
  • You will know the first five vital things about Business performance Coaching so you can decide if this challenge is for you.
  • You will be given the challenge and the deal to continue. learning to change your life, career, and business.
Course Details:

Target Audience

Adults and grown-ups who are really interested in doing the hard work and not just watching videos to change their whole outlook on life and business and how to hel and guid others to influence, impact and greater income.

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Full Lifetime Access
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About Instructor:

Stan Hustad - Udemy Teacher-Broadcaster-Writer-World-wide Business Coach

Course Outline

Here is your invitation to the course again and a bit of the story behind it all.

I don't waste time with lengthy descriptions and so this is the start of the show that now you have moved passed the invitation here is the challenge to really go with this class.

So you want to be a world-class business performance coach?  Well the first thing you must learn is that there is great power in the telling of stories.  So here is your first lesson in being storyteller.

You are going to learn an extraordinary lesson about success and happiness that most people have never heard of and do not practice ... If you get nothing else from this class this seven minute lesson is a life-changer.

This is such a simple question and yet it is one of the most powerful questions in life ane in the repertoire of a great coach... learn how to use it and keep following up on it as you guide folks to greater success.

When some one says, what is this coaching stuff all about here is way for you to know and to tell others.

I cannot emphasize these two qualities and benefits enough.  you need to bring them into your own life and teach and coach them and how to do them to others.

There is an ancient lesson that says to us, "What good is it tif you gain everything you want but lose your soul, your spirit, your happiness, and peace of mind"... Well here are a few thoughts on that.

Indeed you have learned a great deal and there will be more classes on Udemy on how to be a great and world class-business performance coach.  And it will be just for you!

here is where I challenge you with all of the power that can come to you in life if you decide to get serious about your coaching.  i hjope you will join me.


Technical Requirements

They have to be grown up, and ready to accept challenges and new ideas and give the real thought and consideration. Other than that just bring an open heart and mind.... Stan


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