Vital Study for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Vital Study for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Vital Study for Inventors & Entrepreneurs

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If you are serious about developing your ideas, do yourself a favor and study this vital series before you do anything else. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of money. The course is divided into seven lectures of fresh, vital and applicable insights and a mini documentary feature presentation from a non profit organization that has been helping inventors and entrepreneurs for over 45 years; Learn how to avoid the crippling mistakes and dangerous pitfalls inventors and entrepreneurs face on the way to the marketplace. - Intro: Green2Gold has a Heart and we will be adding even more Love to your Precious Inventions - The Pitfalls of Information Seeking - Crippling Mistakes in Hiring a Coach or a Mentor - The Merry Go-Round of Paying for Entrepreneurial or ... Read More »

If you are serious about developing your ideas, do yourself a favor and study this vital series before you do anything else. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

The course is divided into seven lectures of fresh, vital and applicable insights and a mini documentary feature presentation from a non profit organization that has been helping inventors and entrepreneurs for over 45 years; Learn how to avoid the crippling mistakes and dangerous pitfalls inventors and entrepreneurs face on the way to the marketplace.

– Intro: Green2Gold has a Heart and we will be adding even more Love to your Precious Inventions

– The Pitfalls of Information Seeking

– Crippling Mistakes in Hiring a Coach or a Mentor

– The Merry Go-Round of Paying for Entrepreneurial or Inventor Services

– Money

– Lets talk Funding Temptations

-Has the World Misunderstood Investing? I know the USA has. 

– Case Study: Mini Documentary of Green2Gold Inventors & Entrepreneurs

At the end of the series you will have the option of getting a personal GREAT IDEA Invention Guidance & Analysis by Green2Gold Expert Prof. Alan Tratner. Contact us when you are ready. 

The GREAT IDEA Invention Guidance & Analysis is an in-depth confidential evaluation of your idea, concept, product or invention, enterprise or non profit to determine viability, potential success, intellectual property opportunities, pathways of commercialization, options and next action steps forward. 

This video series was Written & Created by World Responsible Industries.

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Course Outcomes:
  • Students will learn how to avoid crippling mistakes and dangerous pitfalls that inventors entrepreneurs often face on their way to the marketplace
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Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Creative People, People with ideas

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Full Lifetime Access
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Lielle Arad - Green2Gold Global Director of Public Affairs

Course Outline

Taking classes or any kind of entrepreneurship workshop, going to a school or college, or event is a process of getting bits and pieces of information that may or may not be useful for your specific needs. It’s a laborious process of digging through a lot of non-specific material, looking for something that might actually lend to your own goals. This fact finding or information seeking really tends to lend to more information seeking and is like being in a library, and having to buy individual books, that might give you bits and pieces of information. By the time you’ve purchased enough books, to get you in a serious position of commercialization, your budget could be very well spent.  The best that you could hope for taking this approach is to possibly break even, if you reach any level of success at all. 

It is a whole lot of preparation built on your dream. Its just not efficient, it’s not expedient. It’s a whole lot of information, which seems exciting at first, because we think information is the key to success, and it is but…. you really have to make very specific programs for that.  

For instance it is the key to success, if you want to understand how blood flows if you are actually operating on someone. But to understand how clouds are pushed by the wind wouldn’t necessarily apply to the operation. And that’s what happens with information seeking, you spend a lot of time being pushed around by the wind.

This process is like digging through a lot of dirt and hoping to find a diamond.

Do you want to be an Education specialist? An education specialist is just hoping that information takes them someplace professional. Most education specialists just become educators. Because the most you could do with straight information seeking, is sell it yourself.

The pathway through Green2Gold is taking you to the specialized professional position, not the education specialist. Lets learn how the blood flows and get on with the operation.

In other words, Lets put the dirt aside and mine the diamond, lets see what we have that’s pure to work with and take it to the next level of potential success.

Your paying the same to figure out how the clouds are pushed around, as you would be to find out directly how the blood flows. Our concern is to give you the information so you can actually perform the specialized particular operation.

If your trying to get a bit more specific information hiring a Business Coach or Mentor to work with you Individually is a little more helpful and a little more of an efficient process. 

But we’ve found, and its backed by years of statistics, those mentors and coaches for the most part, basically leave you in the lurch.

A business coach, or an experienced mentor, at any level, can’t make you like they are. They might have had some success in the past. Most of the time, they are no longer actually currently developing businesses, or inventions, or whatever it is they are a supposed expert for. Coaches and mentors work to convince you that the information they give you, is going to make you successful. But again, here we are back to the information seeking. It’s exciting they give you information you did not have. And that’s where they get you. And they will fool you with this for as long as you want to be fooled.

Donald trump can’t make someone a Donald Trump. He might give you some shortcuts or secrets to do some of the things he’s done, but you won’t necessarily have the success he’s had.

It really doesn’t mean that your going to respond to that information the same way. Donald Trump for example, found his own pathway to success (obviously success runs in many different flavors, Im not implying that the Donald Trump type of success would be my flavor of success) but the point is, he’s found his and you have to find your own. That’s not gonna happen by you copying someone else, whether you are copying Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter. You might have a little tiny bit of success…. but think about the successful musicians that have their own style and relationship with their music, lots of people copy them, but they can never be them. They can never be the success they are, until they find their own individual connection to music or whatever it is.

Elvis Presley has no less than 100 people that copied his singing style. No one ever became Elvis or anywhere near his success.

There have been many, many examples in every profession. 

Business coaches and experienced mentors are nothing more then experienced salespeople and they are profiting off something that happened to them. It would be like Bruce jenner, teaching people how to win the gold medal. He does not know. He ate mcdonalds every day. Someone else does that, they are likely to fall on the track.

Some people have a big building because a lot of people want a big building, and some people are rich because there are a lot of people that want to be rich.

It does not mean you are going to have a big building. It doesn’t mean you are going to be rich.

So what you need are insights that inspire who you are, so the success you have can actually come from you, so you expand on that.

The pathway through green2gold is utilizing your invention or concept, to express your particular connection to yourself, and to the planet. That will enable you to be as successful as you can possibly be.  Possibly greater then Donald Trump or whoever. And as you gain more experience you can gain more and more success.

You can have that long-term relationship with Green2Gold, adding to that success, from the time you start inventing till the time you hang up your involvement in that creative expression.

Most of the time, coaches and mentors are mentors and coaches because they love coaching or mentoring. They love to be coached and mentored and they love doing it.  That’s great, but that really does not mean anything for your success.  

This approach is in fact more about results, but its important to understand, that taking your ideas to any for profit company for invention or entrepreneurial services of any kind,  is taking it to an old structure. And that can be very limiting. is like taking your love of inventing, or developing your ideas and going to a dance studio. There are dance studios all over the world, and they make a lot of money because there are a lot of people that love to dance. Typically the owners and the teachers, and administrators, etc.  are not professional dancers, making their income and profit from actually dancing professionally.

They make their profit by the classes and services they provide their clients, that their clients pay for. That is where their success is.  In those services. This is exactly what an invention development, product developer, manufacturer, etc is set up like. What they are selling you are services around your dream.

And in this way, they really cant care about your personal success that much.

Of course they are going to be nice to you. They will be glad you are there. Hope you do some licensing and go on to do great things, but they just cant care that much.

They can care much more then getting a few referrals from you. So your friends take the classes or their services. Or if you were to become successful, they like that, because it can give them a plug.

Statistics tell us, that the most you could do here, is possibly break even, based on the amount of money its cost you in services to bring your product to some level of professional marketing.

Even if those development companies are invested a little more in your success, and they actually take some percentage of your future success, they remain in business and are covered by the services you pay for.

And this is important to understand, the profit of these ongoing services that you pay for, are where their whole success is, and not necessarily yours.

There is a big difference between going to a sound studio for example to record your music – here you pay for the time, the equipment, and maybe even an engineer to help you, a lot like going to any product development company, and using their equipment, mentors etc.  and then going into a sound recording studio, or a product development company, and actually working with a current specialized producer.

Every great artist knows they need that current specialized producer to get to the top of the charts, to actually sell their music. Current producer meaning someone that currently gets all their artists to the top of the charts. Not 2 decades ago. Not even 2 years ago. The current available services for inventors and entrepreneurs that are now offered to the public really lack that vital element. It takes a lot more then some friendly service to succeed.

Green2Gold is more like that current specialized producer. Our whole motivation is about getting past the services and into the success circle. We take what you have and add our creative energies and collective world connecting power and convert that to palatable real life exciting consumer successes.

Another major pitfall is a misconception that if you had enough money you could make it successful. And that’s not necessarily true, nor more then frank Sinatra could make his son anywhere near as successful as he was, no matter how much money he had.

And there are many other powerful people that have tried to use their money to help their family and friends without success. Not to say that money is not important. It certainly is one of the ingredients, but it takes more then money to make the cake rise.

As we’ve stated before, it takes the individual ingredients, mixed with a finger on the pulse of current marketing, and a solid plugged in connection to the worlds emotional consumer fluctuating temperatures to move your invention or concepts into those positions connected to genuine expanding long term success.

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Our whole country is in debt because we make ourselves look wealthy when we are not. We are not realists when it comes to money and materialism. That is why our whole country is in debt. That is what the national debt is. And that trickles down to almost every single human being is in debt. Not every one of them, but most of them are. Those people that are in debt make the other people wealthy because they have to pay to be in debt a lot more then whatever they got in debt for.

For instance paying for a house, or a car, or for anything that makes up the American dream so to speak. People think being in debt is the normal way to be. The larger businesses help people go into debt and they continue to take all that money and they become bigger.

The whole thing about being in debt, has to do with borrowing money. It’s the same thing that happens in business. Business is like buying a house, or a car or something like that. If you are in business and you want it to look better then it is, and it isn’t big yet, there are big scary things about that.

If you make it look better then it is, and the product doesn’t do as well as you hoped it would do, you are going to go under, and you are still going to owe money. You are going to owe money to the person that helped you make it look better then it is, you are going to lose your ass and probably your home, and everything else that you put up, to take this gamble.

And that is exactly what has happened to the small or medium sized businesses that are trying to look bigger then they are. If you go in debt on a product or products, that are not already making you money, then you are taking a huge risk of losing everything.

You have to look at the investor like a banker. The investor is not going to invest in you, unless he believes you are going to make him rich. A banker isn’t going to lend you money unless he knows you have a way to pay him back sometimes up to 4 times as much as he is going to lend you over the years. And the more people he can get doing that, the richer he gets. And those people have a hard time paying back that much, and if they don’t, they take his house and he resells it and gets all that money back himself.

An investor will take over your company if you don’t pay him. And even if you don’t allow him to take over your company, if you don’t owe him and he takes that loss, you can bet that the investor was stupid. Investors do not invest in something that isn’t going to make him money. No more then a banker will lend you money on a house if you cant pay it back. So if you have an investor that is willing to invest in your company, why don’t you just let your company build you?

Because if you get investors telling you they will give you money, you can bet you can get your own money. You don’t need to owe those people money.

But in your haste, to own that bigger house, or to have that bigger business, you are making him rich and chances are you may make some money on that, but you are basically making him rich. The big people are not going to let you own anything. They are going to own it just like the record companies own the records. If a record company owner spends a million dollars on an artist, they already know that artist is going to make them 100 million. And how much is that artist going to get out of that? 1 million? Maybe.

The shark is there for itself. The whale creates a family. That is what a whale does in the ocean. They just develop a big bunch of whales and develop big families. They are all loving. They care about each other. They protect each other. A shark starts to come towards a whale, and they surround the babies. The whales will knock those sharks out of there. They protect themselves, and that is the difference between different kinds of fish in the ocean. We are like the whales. We want to protect you. We want to protect what you are doing. We want to grow what your doing. We want this family of success to grow. That is what we are doing. Investors, they don’t care so much about you growing. They care about themselves getting fatter, they are like the sharks, they are going to eat you. They are going to eat whatever they have to eat, to get bigger to be the toughest in the ocean. They don’t care.

So that is what investors are. They are money for money. They don’t care much about the business itself. They will invest in any business that makes them money.

We are looking for success. We are looking for you to have success. We are looking for you to be a successful inventor or entrepreneur and we want to help you grow this business. We want it to become a growing family of inventions. More and more of them, healthily, happily, playfully growing.

Not borrowing, making you weaker and weaker and then taking your company or making you weaker and weaker where you are just dependent.

Investors literally tell you what to do. They become your boss. They bought you. You’re like this creative genius and they bought you. Think about singers. A singer goes and signs a contract, and after that they tell you where you play, when you play, where you do concerts. They bought you. They gave you a $100,000 signing bonus, and you made more money then you ever did in your whole life and now, they own you, and you are this incredible energy of creativity and you are making them rich. They are sharks.

We don’t do it that way. We do it like whales. We appreciate our creative energy there. Those creative energies would be sharing in that profit equally. They wouldn’t just get a small percentage and where we would tell them what to do.

We would want them to do what they do, and we do what we do. And if you don’t want to do more that’s fine, we have other people doing more. That’s up to you. If you only want to invent one thing that is fine, that’s up to you. You’re at the end of that, and you get what you get from that.

Money can actually hurt your business. Because people think that they gave it to you, they can take over you. Actually money doesn’t do it.

Lets say money was like fertilizer, you put fertilizer on the grass and unless it gets rain, in other words, unless it attracts success, its going to burn itself out. And that is exactly what it is going to do. The rain makes the plants grow, and that is a natural thing that comes from inside of you.

You can make fertilizer, but fertilizer can also burn the plants. Without the rain the fertilizer isn’t going to do anything. So there are other elements required besides money, and those are natural elements like rain. Natural elements come from inside you and those elements get shut down when people start to take over you. They start to overpower you.

The creativity that brought that product to the investor in the first place gets shut down by that investor. He doesn’t realize that he chokes you out. He wants all the profits. He wants to tell you what to do. Well, it doesn’t work like that. It requires the rain. The rain is the creativeness that brought the product to the table.

Sure, there is always going to be some elements required to make the whole thing grow. Some of that is fertilizer, some of that is money. But it’s a small part of it. It’s a part of it that is required and it usually builds on itself. In other words, the more little feelers you have go out into the garden for a tree, for instance, the more fertilizer it gathers on its own. So money naturally comes when a product starts to grow.

If you have a product that is destined to grow, it will make its own money. It will make the money it needs, it doesn’t have to have somebody come along when it’s a tiny plant and throw fertilizer on top of it. It doesn’t need it for one thing. And it’s a facade. It can kill it. The investor wants you to think you need that to make it grow. Because they think, ‘wow fertilizer makes things grow’! Well fertilizer can also kill it. It can burn it.

A good plant will find its own. You don’t see a tree getting fertilizer out there. It finds its own money so to speak. It takes other elements like the dirt, irons and all the different kinds of things and it finds its own fertilizer.

Lets just say that you were a tree and everything that you needed was being sprayed on your leaves, on the outside, all of this fertilizer, and you never developed any roots. What is going to happen when competition comes along? The tree is going to fall over cause it has no roots.

It has to develop itself. It has to get strong on its own. It has to reach out and be accepted in the world. If the tree tries to grow and it’s not being accepted, then it’ s like going into a rock quarry underneath it. There is no water. It’s just rocks. The roots can’t go anywhere and it just dies.

And that is how some businesses are destined to go, because they are not good ideas. And so we need to find that out. Businesses or ideas need to stand on their own. They need to grow into the world and be accepted. That is what we are looking for. And lets be honest, if this one idea doesn’t do it, we are not kicking you out, we are kicking your product out. Let’s either make it better, and let’s try it in the ground again, or make a new one. We are all for you, but we want your success, not just to pat you on the back. We want your success, but you have to have something that is going to be successful. If you don’t have a little tree that can grow, then what good is it? The tree is not going to get big. It’s just going to die. And that is what we are concerned about.

You should have some money if you want to take a risk, and you shouldn’t be trying to borrow it from people. You should try to save for it if it’s $5000 or $6000, or 10 thousand dollars to take it to a level where we can see if it’s worth it. Protect it legally, and now we can, without anyone stealing it, see if its worth anything. And if it isn’t, what you’ve learned is, that this is what’s missing or this is not working, so now you can begin to change those things.

So you’ve learned and you’ve gained and you haven’t lost anything. What you’ve gained is more knowledge about those details, and the kind of information pertinent to success and that is what’s important. And so you utilize that information to continue the process.

You don’t lose us. We are still here to help you, and if you get something that is going to grow, we want to co-venture with you. We will help clear the ground, and we will help move the rocks, and we will help do everything that we can. We will make sure it has the right amount of fertilizer to grow that it needs. We will reinvest in it, as it needs to actually be invested in. We are not just going to add branches to the damn thing, that it doesn’t even really have a trunk to support them.

Investors already know that your situation is going to grow. The thing is that they weaken you in that situation by taking it from you. They don’t care so much about your business, as they care that it can be successful for them.

You may be the type of person that just likes to gamble. There is nothing wrong with gambling. There are a lot of people that do that. We however, are not in the gambling business. We are going to put our chips on something that is tried and true. As far as we are concerned it’s going to prove itself. And then it will continue to prove itself. When it stops proving itself. We are going to move away from it, take what we had from it, and start something else that is going to prove itself. Not every tree lives 300 years. Some trees live for only 100 years. If this tree is going to only live for 100 years, we are not going to sit around and pour more money onto it. We are going to take what we’ve learned from that, and build something that is going to go into the next 100 years.

We want to get our money from people that want the product, not from people that just want to make money off of it. And that is the difference between us. We are not just trying to make money here. We are trying to make success.

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