Telecommunications Systems Security

This online course provides an overview of the protection of personal data held by telecommunications providers against misuse and the protection of telecoms systems against intrusion and fraudulent misuse.

Telecommunications Systems Security

Course Description

The course by PTT begins by explaining the importance of protecting the integrity and confidentiality of personal data. The role and relevance of risk analysis and a security policy are then described. The course describes ways of protecting communications networks and databases from intrusion and attack. The use of encryption and digital certificates to protect communications is explained. The various forms of malware are compared and measures to minimise the risk of malware are described. Finally, the course considers the threats to the availability of telecoms services and potential fraudulent misuse of those services, then describes measures that can be taken to reduce the vulnerability to those threats.

Course Outcomes:
  • Explain the need to protect information gathered by an organisation about its customers and employees
  • Describe the various types of electronic and social engineering attack that threaten the confidentially of personal data
  • Describe the role and relevance of risk analysis and a security policy
  • Describe the threats to the security of information stored in databases
  • Explain methods of ensuring the confidentially, integrity and availability of transmitted and stored data
  • Explain the factors that have increased the risk of intrusion in modern networks
  • Describe the vulnerabilities of networks attached to the Internet
  • Explain methods of protecting networks and the services they provide from intrusion, denial of service and data theft
  • Explain the obligations and commercial need of telecoms operators to protect their networks and services from possible threats
  • Describe measures that can be taken to improve the resilience of telecoms systems
  • Give examples of the ways in which criminals may misuse telecoms services for financial gain
  • Explain measures that can be taken to minimise fraud
Course Details:

Target Audience

This online course is aimed at those who have a role to play in reducing the vulnerability of telecommunication systems and databases to security breaches and fraudulent misuse.

Access Timeframe

1 Year


An appreciation of the services offered by telecommunications operators and the structure of the networks that provide such services. It is recommended that the PTT online course Telephony and Data Services is studied before attempting this security course.
Certificate Info:

Type of Certification

Certificate of Completion

Format of Certification


Method of Obtaining Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, the learner can download a certificate.

Technical Requirements

There are two versions of this course, one designed for access on a PC or laptop, the other designed for access on a tablet.

PC version
This version requires a PC or laptop running a browser such as Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox 2 or above, Google Chrome or Safari is required. The PC should have Internet access and be running Flash version 8 or above. A screen resolution of at least 1024x768 is necessary.

Tablet version
This version of the course is designed for study on a tablet through the learntelecoms™ App which is available for Apple® iPad® and for Android™.

Minimum requirements

  • learntelecoms App for Android: 7in tablet or larger with ARMv7 processor running Android 2.3 or higher
  • learntelecoms App for iPad running iOS 6.1 or higher


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