Recognizing True Breakouts of Trendline & Supp/Resist. Forex

The Greatest Part of the Technical Analysis Trades Fails Due to a Wrong Timing of Entry.

Recognizing True Breakouts of Trendline & Supp/Resist. Forex

Course Description

Learning to Define When the Prices really break or not a Support, a Resistance or a Trendline is basic to work in any financial market, Forex included.

With this course you will learn 5 Methods to recognize when there is really a possible breakout or when it is more probable a rebound/retracement in Forex Charts.

It is a mix of classical technical analysis and my personal experiences.

The video translation and the voice is of a professional voiceover Deya Aliaga Kuhnle.

Course Outcomes:
  • To avoid the greatest part of false breakouts
  • To easier and rapidly recognize real breakouts
  • To improve the performances with the technical analysis
  • To avoid a lot of losses and improve the profits
Course Details:

Target Audience

It is designed for people who want to work with technical analysis
For those who want to work with figures, trendlines and supports/resistances
For those who are in the training project which I explained in the course about the Introduction at the Technical Analysis

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Full Lifetime Access
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About Instructor:

Danilo Farina - Passive Income Maker (Forex Expert, Professional Investments, Real Estate & Internet Business)

Technical Requirements

• It is essential to have the basic notions of trading: knowing what are the trendlines, supports, resistances, candlestick, opening/closure of the candles, shadows, bodies, etc.


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