Microsoft Word – Basic

Starting out in Microsoft Word or need a refresher? This online course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the basics of Word.

Microsoft Word – Basic

Course Description

In 40 engaging lessons you will learn how to format text with fonts and colors, use bullets and indents, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, insert pictures and screenshots, set up page layout for margins and printing and much more.

Whether you use Word for work, study or leisure, these tutorials will help you transform that blank page into a professional looking document!

Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016 for PC.

If you are looking for more advanced techniques, try our Advanced course. And if you’d like to know everything – from beginner to advanced lessons, why not take both?

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A Certificate of Training is awarded for completing all lessons within the course. An Accredited Certificate of Achievement is awarded if the learner passes the skills test at the end of the course. The skills test can be taken as many times as needed. The Certificate of Achievement will reflect the highest score achieved.

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About Instructor:

Andy Lanning - Certified MS Office Specialist

Andy has 20 years of experience in the computer industry and has been training individuals and groups since 1996. As a self professed computer 'nerd', Andy believes in using computer programs like Word to maximize efficiency and solve common workflow issues.

Andy is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist. She is proficient in Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

Andy has taught computer VoTech classes at Boise State University and College of Western Idaho, and owns a computer consulting business.

Course Outline

An overview of the Word opening screen and Ribbon functionality.
Set up the vital buttons you use most to make your work easier.
Learn how to control where you type and how to navigate within the page.
Learn how to enter text and save your first document.
Format text with colors and apply fonts.
Learn how to format a basic letter layout.
Cut, copy and paste is an essential skill to help minimize re-typing text.
Learn how and why to apply predesigned Styles to text.
Learn how to apply bold, italic, underline and Drop Caps styles to text.
Quickly copy and paste “formats” with this amazing button.
Learn to apply various font styles and why they are used in professional documents.
Paragraph format and alignment is important to proper document layout.
Apply background colors or borders to paragraphs.
Learn how to apply and control bullets and numbering.
Learn how and when to use specific indent types.
Learn why you would want more space between the lines within paragraphs and how to apply the space.
Learn to quickly find a word or format and replace it with an alternative.
Explore the readily available document templates rather than creating a particular document from scratch.
Learn to quickly preserve files and easily access your most used documents.
View the various ways to collaborate with others on a document.
Password Protect a file or Recover an unsaved version.
Quickly force a new page at the location you specify, and/or add a blank page as well.
Pre-designed cover pages to give a professional look to your report.
Quickly move from page-to-page and view pages side-by-side.
Learn how to apply and control picture sizes and placement.
Learn to move and color shapes to draw attention to an area.
Learn how to capture a picture of your screen and use in a document.
Learn how to add Headers and Footers to a document.
Learn how to apply and control page numbers and insert file notes.
Learn this creative text format often found on flyers, and a clever “rubber stamp” to use on documents.
A necessary and interesting toolset if using creative accents, symbols, or displaying mathematical formulas.
Learn how to set margins to standard or custom settings.
Learn how to change paper size and orientation depending on the document type.
Learn to divide text into long columns to make the best use of paper.
Learn how to control spaces between paragraphs all at one time and adjust spacing as needed.
Explore the various options within the Print dialogue box.
Learn how and why to use the different available document views.
Learn how the Nav Pane assists with document management.
How to quickly add the Navigation pane and quickly zoom in and out of the document.
Learn about using multiple windows to view the same or various documents side-by-side.


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