Microsoft Word – Advanced

Have some experience with Microsoft Word and want to improve your skills, or need a refresher? This online course will help you learn advanced Word techniques.

Microsoft Word – Advanced

Course Description

In 22 engaging lessons you will learn how to create and update a Table of Contents, Mail Merge to labels, envelopes, form letters and emails, work with captions and footnotes, track changes and much more.

Whether you use Word for work, study or leisure, these tutorials will help you transform that blank page into a professional looking document!

Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016 for PC.

If you haven’t used Word before, try our Basic course. And if you’d like to know everything – from beginner to advanced lessons, why not take the Word Basic and Advanced course?

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A Certificate of Training is awarded for completing all lessons within the course. An Accredited Certificate of Achievement is awarded if the learner passes the skills test at the end of the course. The skills test can be taken as many times as needed. The Certificate of Achievement will reflect the highest score achieved.

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About Instructor:

Andy Lanning - Certified MS Office Specialist

Andy has 20 years of experience in the computer industry and has been training individuals and groups since 1996. As a self professed computer 'nerd', Andy believes in using computer programs like Word to maximize efficiency and solve common workflow issues.

Andy is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist. She is proficient in Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

Andy has taught computer VoTech classes at Boise State University and College of Western Idaho, and owns a computer consulting business.

Course Outline

Learn to create an automated Table of Contents.
Learn how to update the Table of Contents when changes are a made to a document.
Learn to create an advanced level TOC using “Mark Entry”.
Learn to place footnotes and endnotes which link to the document text.
Learn to cite your sources for a college paper or report.
Learn to create and link captions to images and text.
Create an Index organized by topic or keyword.
Learn to format text and then capture it inside the Style Gallery for future use.
After mastering styles, keep the Style Gallery tidy by editing or removing styles.
Learn to use the Reveal Formatting pane to look beyond surface formatting.
Learn to use this tool when working with graphics and styles.
Learn how to quickly produce a printed envelope or label for postal mail.
Auto-populate a sheet of labels with text pulled from a list.
Merge mailing lists to print directly onto envelopes.
Auto-populate a form letter with various text pulled from a list.
Merge Outlook Contact lists into emails so each recipient gets a personal email.
Learn tips for label margins and email merges.
Learn how to spellcheck, find a better word, or count the total words in a document.
Translate an existing document or set the Word program to use a different language.
Learn to place notes in the margins of a document and control those notes.
Track changes will show which person made which changes in a document.
Comparing documents takes two versions of a document and compares for changes.


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