Master Google Classroom

The step by step guide to Google Classroom. Manage students, assignments and communicate in the cloud!

Master Google Classroom

Course Description

Google Classroom will change your life! Remember the old days of making copies, handing out assignments, tracking student work, and manually grading? Google Classroom reinvents those time consuming tasks by introducing a paperless program that actually works. First, you will receive an introduction to the app and learn why it was developed. You’ll move immediately into creating your first class. Then, go step by step into creating, distributing, collecting and grading assignments. Discover the advanced tools like drafts, invitations, calendars, and email notifications. Finally, learn how to properly communicate with students individually, or via posts, announcements and questions. With all that knowledge, you will become an incredible teacher in the cloud!

Course Outcomes:
  • Understand both the benefits and the challenges from past classroom management
  • Access Google Classroom and discuss different roles
  • Create a class and find out why proper naming is so important
  • Discover themes and why they are important
  • See why the "About" page can contain vital information for your students
  • Enroll students via invitation through contacts or group
  • Enroll students the easy way with class codes
  • Discover why you may want to reset or disable a class code
  • Create your first assignment and name it properly
  • Learn about due dates, the calendar and the effect it has on assignments
  • Classroom without Gmail? Learn how that too can work well
  • "Turn in" or "Done." What's the difference?
  • Begin with a template and set view, edit or copy
  • Collaborate with your students before they hand in assigments
  • Make comments and check history to ensure it was done correctly
  • Grade student assignments and return
  • Download grades for each assignment or all of Classroom
  • Communicate individually with students
  • Make posts and announcements
  • Set permissions to manage student behavior
  • Ask questions to motivate and inspire the whole class
  • Learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions
Course Details:

Target Audience

This course is ideal for any teacher who's ready to move their classroom to the cloud!

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Full Lifetime Access
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About Instructor:

John Meixner - Google Certified Trainer, Administrator and Partner

Course Outline

Setting the course.

Learn why Classroom was developed and the problems it solves.

Create your first class and uncover the best naming techniques.

Add a class image and learn the importance of the About page.

Discuss the differences between "invite" and "enroll." Manage both students and class codes.

Create assignments and learn about due dates, drafts, turn in and mark as done.

Make life easier by using your own templates. Understand the proper permissions.

Work with students as they build their projects. Collect and grade assignments and see the typical work flow.

Learn to communicate individually or with the whole group. Manage posts and permissions. Ask good questions.

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Google Classroom.

Learn about some amazing add-ons and where to learn even more.

Technical Requirements

Your school or district must have Google Apps for Education


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