Marketing Communications for Professional Marketers

EdCast presents Marketing Communications for Professional Marketers

Marketing Communications for Professional Marketers

Course Description

This lecture serves to clarify ideas about the principles of marketing communications. After exploring the scope, role and tasks of marketing communications, ideas concerning the reconfiguration of the marketing communications mix are presented. This includes explanations about the individual tools, media, including the impact of digital media, and the many ways content is generated today.

Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Students
  • Company Owners

Access Timeframe

Life time access to course content


General Business Knowledge
About Instructor:

Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Andrew Lloyd Gordon helps organisations build modern, multi-channel, digital marketing systems by ATTRACTING prospects to their web presence, CONVERTING them into enquiries, leads and sales and RETAINING them for increased profitability, so that they will REFER your organisation to others.

More specifically, Andrew can show you and your teams how to grow the number of visitors to your website, save money with web marketing and gain a deeper understanding of your web analytics. As well as improve the impact of your Social Media campaigns and demonstrate ROI from online marketing.

Andrew is a qualified professional marketer with 14 years of digital experience and has launched, managed and promoted every type of website.


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