Keynote for Mac

Make your presentations stand out with Keynote for Mac, a stylish and versatile presentation software part of Apple's Productivity Apps.

Keynote for Mac

Course Description

This online course will help you learn to create polished and professional Keynote presentations, whether you are a beginner starting from scratch or need a refresher.

Course Outcomes:
  • Inserting text, shapes, tables, charts and images
  • Inserting audio and video clips
  • Working with builds, actions and transitions
  • Integrating with GoToMeeting for online presentations
  • Using an iPhone and Apple Watch to present
  • Sharing using iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud based systems
  • Design tips for working with fonts, alignment and colors
Certificate Info:

Type of Certification

A Certificate of Training is awarded for completing all lessons within the course. An Accredited Certificate of Achievement is awarded if the learner passes the skills test at the end of the course. The skills test can be taken as many times as needed. The Certificate of Achievement will reflect the highest score achieved.

Format of Certification

Digital and Print

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GoSkills is a member of the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD UK). GoSkills courses have been accredited by the CPD UK, which means that they meet the industry-wide guidelines for continuing professional development.

Method of Obtaining Certification

Once the learner has earned the certificate they can be downloaded from their GoSkills dashboard.  The certificates are in a pdf format, so they can be printed or emailed.  The certificate can also be added to LinkedIn if the learner has an account.
About Instructor:

Kevin Allgaier - Presenter

Kevin Allgaier is the founder of Allgaier Consulting, a technology and productivity consulting firm with a single purpose - helping residential and business clients realize the unlimited potential of their technology investment.

Kevin has spent more than 20 years embracing the evolution of personal and business technology. While a significant amount of his time is spent using and supporting Apple products, he also has a rich history of working with Microsoft products. This unique hybrid approach has enabled him to successfully work with many clients in a mixed environment, architecting the perfect solution to meet and exceed the needs of the client.

Problem-solving is built-in to his DNA. Outside of his family, there are two things that Kevin is passionate about - technology and people. Kevin works with a myriad of hardware, software and service vendors to provide the perfect solution for any challenge. Kevin employs a variety of problem-solving tools and methods to discover root cause and bridge those gaps.

Kevin is also considerate of design, aesthetics and quality. While most people are satisfied with simply using a computer for its functionality, Kevin believes that technology should be embraced. Only then can one fully appreciate and take advantage of their creative potential. Training and educating users is key to unlocking this potential.

Course Outline

This lesson will help you to become familiar with the User Interface of Apple Keynote.
How to add and customize a new text box.
How to add and customize new shapes (circle, square, etc).
How to add and customize tables to a Keynote presentation.
How to add and customize charts to a Keynote presentation.
How to insert and manipulate images on our Keynote slides.
We’ll walk through how to apply a custom mask to an image.
This lesson will show you how to insert an audio file onto our Keynote canvas.
This lesson will show you how to insert a video file onto our Keynote canvas.
Creating builds and actions to add motion to your slide deck.
Applying a transition from one slide to the next.
Learn how and when to use Presenter Notes and the Presenter Display.
Learn how to use Keynote in conjunction with GoToMeeting for presenting to multiple locations at once.
Learn how to use your Apple Watch to present a Keynote presentation from your Apple iPhone.
Learn how and why to export a Keynote slideshow to a PDF format.
Learn how to export a Keynote file to a PowerPoint format.
Learn how to save a Keynote file with password protection.
We’ll learn how to embed a Keynote slide deck into a web page.
We’ll learn how to export a Keynote file for a self-playing kiosk.
We’ll learn how to create a self-playing slide deck including custom slide transition times and our own spoken voice to accompany the slides.
We’ll learn how to use Apple’s online service called iCloud to sync Keynote between multiple devices and share documents with others.
We’ll learn how to use cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox to share Keynote files with others.
This lesson will walk you through how to use the Color Picker.
This lesson will walk through effective ways of working with fonts in Keynote.
This lesson will help you to better understand how layers work in Keynote.
This lesson will teach you what alignment guides are and how you can use them.
This lesson will help you to understand what Master Slides are and how to use them.
This lesson will guide you through the process of creating and sharing your very own Keynote theme.
This lesson will cover tips and tricks for creating and delivering great presentations using Keynote.


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