Judicial Ethics & Accountability

This course helps the learner in understanding the fundamental relationship between judicial authority and judicial independence and discusses the challenges in achieving judicial accountability, judicial ethics, and the process of impeachments of judges.

Judicial Ethics & Accountability

Course Description

This course helps you get in-depth understanding of the concepts such as judicial accountability and ethics. It also helps you understand the principles balancing judicial interests with citizens’ rights. While the course is extremely important for aspirants of Judicial Services Exam, it is useful and relevant for all stakeholders of the democratic and social cycle in India.

Course Outcomes:
  • Understand the fundamental relationship between judicial independence and judicial accountability
  • Understand the challenges in achieving judicial accountability
  • Understand the need for judicial accountability to uphold the principles of Democracy and Rule of Law
  • Understand the concept and need for law on judicial ethics
  • Understand the procedure for removal of judges
Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Judicial Services Aspirants

  • Members of the Civil Society (NGOs)

  • Social Change Makers and Entrepreneurs

  • Lawyers

  • Law Students

  • Judicial Assistants and Clerks

  • Judges

  • Journalists

  • Social Research Students

Access Timeframe

6 Months


There are no prerequisites for this course.
Certificate Info:

Type of Certification

Certificate of Achievement

Format of Certification


Professional Association/Affiliation

LawSkills & Manupatra

Method of Obtaining Certification

Learners must attempt the exam at the end of the course and secure at least 50% marks to obtain the course certificate. Upon meeting these requirements, the certificate will be printable on demand.

Course Outline

  • Role of judiciary
  • Concept of judicial accountability and judicial ethics
  • Concept of impartiality, judicial independence
  • Laws to protect the judiciary
  • Judicial independence vs. judicial accountability
  • Code of conduct of judges
  • Judicial values
  • International standards
  • Concept and procedure for impeachment
  • Complaints and disciplinary mechanism
  • Misconduct and corruption within judiciary
  • Judicial activism, judicial overreach
  • Legislation related to judiciary


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