Introduction to Steel

Explore the science, history, industrial and cultural significance of steel.

Course Description

This course is an introduction to steel, exploring its history and cultural context, where it comes from, how it works, why we use so much of it, and how we might use it in the future.

The course is delivered in a lively manner using everyday examples, demonstrations, and film footage of steel making.

The following concepts will be covered:

  • The basics of steel smelting;
  • The properties of steel and their origins;
  • Its relationship with society;
  • The sustainability of a world underpinned by steel


About Instructor:

Mark Miodownik - Professor of Materials & Society and the Director of Institute of Making

Mark Miodownik is the Professor of Materials & Society and the Director of Institute of Making at University College London where he teaches and runs a research group. He received his Ph.D in turbine jet engine alloys from Oxford University in 1996 and since then has published more than 100 research papers. His current research interests are smart materials, innovative manufacturing, and sensoaesthetic materials. Prof. Miodownik regularly presents BBC TV programmes on engineering, and he is the author of Stuff Matters which won the Royal Society Winton Prize. In 2014, he was elected a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

TenarisUniversity developed this course in alliance with steeluniversity, an initiative of the World Steel Association, an industry university delivering education and training to current and future employees of steel companies and related businesses as well as Ternium, a leading Latin American company that manufactures and processes a broad range of steel products, with the most advanced technology.


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