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This course examines United States history from 1865 to today. During this time, the American people experienced an end of isolation as their country became a major player on the world stage.  We start with an exploration of America’s recovery from the Civil War, expansion into the west, and urban growth. Next we focus on the pivotal decades of the new century that saw much racial discord, urbanization, new technologies, a world at war, and women’s suffrage. From there we look at the United States involvement in World War I, how it endured the Great Depression, and how it became a superpower after World War II.   We will review the period of optimism from the end of World War II until the Watergate scandal, a time when minorities began to realize their civil rights, the nation prospered, and social reform promised a better future, all tempered by wars in Korea and Vietnam and the Cold War with the Soviet Union. We conclude our discussion of America as a superpower that outlasted the Soviet Union, dealt with terrorism, and continued to try to find its place in the world as it entered a new millennium.

HST 112: United States History II

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Recall the key events surrounding southern reconstruction after the Civil War, expansion into the west and its impact on Native Americans, and the growth of urban centers as the United States became a more industrialized society
  • Recognize how new technologies, the changing role of women in society, racial discord, and the countries growing involvement in world events changed the nature of the country
  • Identify how the country experienced the excesses of the 1920’s, the stock market crash and subsequent Great Depression of the 1930’s, and World War II in the 1940’s
  • Name the significant events that led to the country’s rise as a superpower, how the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement dominated the national agenda, and how social reforms were intended to improve the quality of life for all
  • Identify how the United States overcame the Cold War, civil unrest, economic uncertainty, and threats from domestic and foreign interests as the country entered the 21st Century
Course Language English
Course Length 135 hours/4 Months (120 Days)
Course Code HST 112
Number of Credits 3

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Course Outline

Module 1 - Reconstruction and the West
Module 2 - Industry, Agriculture, and Immigration
Module 3 - Imperialism and Progressivism
Module 4 - Square Deal and World War I
Module 5 - Roaring Twenties and Dirty Thirties
Module 6 - Great Depression and World War II
Module 7 - Cold War and Civil Rights
Module 8 - Camelot and Great Society
Module 9 - Seventies and Eighties
Module 10 - Nineties and 21st Century
Module 11 - Steps to Course Completion



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