Git and GitHub Certification (GCG)

Simpliv presents Git and GitHub Certification (GCG).

Git and GitHub Certification (GCG)

Course Description

Version control is an essential skill for developers to master, and Git is by far the most popular version control system on the web. Simpliv’s expert trainer will show you how to install Git and use the fundamental commands you need to work with Git projects. Projects include: moving files, managing logs, and working with branches. Plus, you’ll learn how to work with the popular GitHub website to explore existing projects, clone them to your local hard drive, and use them as templates for your new projects. Learn more about Git and GitHub with Simpliv.

Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Programmers

  • Developers

  • Technical Leads

  • Architects

  • Freshers

  • Data Scientists

  • Data Analysts

  • Business Intelligence Managers
  • Access Timeframe



  • A person attending this training course should have good knowledge of the Windows basic command line.
  • Knowledge of Selenium Automation would be an advantage. (Sample projects will be used.)
  • Certificate Info:

    Type of Certification

    Certificate of Completion

    Format of Certification


    Professional Association/Affiliation

    Certificates are recognized by the Association of Simpliv

    Method of Obtaining Certification

    Upon successful completion of a course, the learner can download their certificate from their Learner Dashboard.

    Course Outline

    • Introduction to Git
    • Basic Concepts
    • Architecture of Git
    • Overview of GitHub
    • Create a repository
    • Handling GitHub repository
    • Create operation
    • Clone operation
    • Perform changes
    • Review changes
    • Commit Changes
    • Push operation
    • Update operation
    • Stash operation
    • Move operation
    • Rename operation
    • Delete operation
    • Fix Mistakes
    • Tag operation
    • Patch operation
    • Managing Branches
    • Handling Conflicts


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