Final Cut Pro X 101

From newbie to proficient in one week. This free course will take you from 0 to 60 in Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X 101

Course Description

Taking you from nothing to your first export in no time, this course is going to let you edit your videos better and more quickly with Final Cut Pro X. 

Final Cut Pro X is one of the best video editing software options currently available, but using it for the first time can be daunting. That’s why we made Final Cut Pro X 101. Whether you’re coming from iMovie or haven’t edited videos before, this free course will help you get started with FCPX.

Without going over your head, we’ll take you through editing a video from start to finish.

In the five videos you’ll get an overview of the software, learn how to import footage, create a project & timeline, quickly edit a first draft, create titles and lower thirds, color correct and grade the footage, and properly export the video.

Course Outcomes:
  • Edit videos quickly from import to export with Final Cut Pro X
  • Create projects, timelines and libraries
  • Understand the general layout and tools
  • Move through footage and add it to the timeline quickly using keyboard shortcuts
  • Generate graphics, texts and title
  • Color correct using built in tools
Course Details:

Target Audience

This course is meant for people who are new to editing or feel they still have skills to learn. No prior experience with Final Cut Pro X is needed. If you have a professional level of understanding with Final Cut Pro X, this course is not intended for you.

Access Timeframe

Full Lifetime Access
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About Instructor:

Caleb Wojcik - Filmmaker & Videographer

Course Outline

In this lecture you will become acquainted with the work panels and tools available to you in Final Cut Pro X. After this lecture is over you will understand where and when to work during each stage of your edit.

Before you begin to edit your timeline you need to learn how to create one! During this video you will learn how to create and organize your projects and timelines. Learning these steps will set you up to edit fast and efficiently. 

You will learn how to go from A-roll to final product quickly. We want you to move through the editing process as quickly as possible (without sacrificing quality) so you can concentrate on what matters. Creating content! 

You will learn how to generate text, titles, and lower thirds quickly within Final Cut Pro X. Adding these to your videos is a quick and easy way to make them look more professional.

You will learn how to do basic color correction using the tools within Final Cut Pro X. Some of the things you will learn are how to adjust exposure, highlights and midtones and an intro to adjusting curves.

Technical Requirements

Access to Final Cut Pro X is helpful but not necessary.


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