Family Courts: Jurisdiction & Working

This course helps to understand the functioning of family court. Furthermore, it gives an insight on how to prepare notices, pleadings and evidence during suits.

Family Courts: Jurisdiction & Working

Course Description

This LawSkills course gives the practical facet of the proceedings and procedure before the family courts. It provides the fees, forms and formats, counseling procedure under the order of a family court and other nuances. True-case-based assignments are given so that the learners get an in-the-court experience in the subject.

Course Outcomes:
  • Discuss the functioning of the Family Courts and the practice and procedure involved
  • Assess the requirements and nuggets; and accumulate them to effectively present and conduct the matters before Family Courts
  • Prepare notices, pleadings and evidences relevant to conduct suits before Family Courts
  • Employ the knowledge gained to pursue the matters before Family Courts
Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Lawyers

  • Legal Advisors and Counsel

  • Research Students

  • Common people interested in learning about family courts

Access Timeframe

6 Months


There are no prerequisites for this course.
Certificate Info:

Type of Certification

Certificate of Achievement

Format of Certification


Professional Association/Affiliation

LawSkills & Manupatra

Method of Obtaining Certification

Learners must attempt the exam at the end of the course and secure at least 50% marks to obtain the course certificate. Upon meeting these requirements, the certificate will be printable on demand.

Course Outline

  • Establishment of family court
  • Laws covered by family court
  • Exercisable jurisdiction
  • Nature of suits and proceedings
  • Dispute settlement by mediation, conciliation
  • Procedure before family courts
  • General aspects of the procedure before family courts
  • Model form of legal documents
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Interim applications or interlocutory applications
  • Limitation period
  • Applicable enactments
  • Annulment and nullity of marriages
  • Restitution of conjugal rights
  • Judicial separation
  • Proceedings for divorce or dissolution of marriage
  • Content of pleadings
  • Statues governing maintenance
  • Maintenance to children and parents
  • Quantum of maintenance
  • Alteration or cancellation of maintenance allowance
  • Procedure to get guardianship
  • Concept of joint custody
  • Regulating the conduct or proceedings of guardians
  • Removal or discharge of guardians
  • Critical analysis of actual working of the existing family courts


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