Expert Screenflow skills in 29 days guaranteed!

Get technical, theoretical and practical knowledge about Screenflow.

Expert Screenflow skills in 29 days guaranteed!

Course Description

Get technical, theoretical and practical knowledge, and find out how to create 4 practical projects:

  • How to teach with Keynote (or PowerPoint)
  • How to demo a product
  • How to teach on camera
  • How to record a Skype interview
  • How to edit videos, animate, sync audio with video, publish optimized content


Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Online teachers
  • People interested in video recording and editing bloggers seeking to create more engaging content

Access Timeframe

Life time access to course content
About Instructor:

Bogdan Vaida

Hi, my name is Bogdan Vaida and my mission for the duration of this course is to provide you with a unique perspective into relationships and how human beings interact. I’m going to offer you an insight into how love is expressed in different and wonderful ways and also warn you of the danger of not understanding how you are being loved by your partner. And we’ll build that insight into a powerful flame that will enlighten you into the dynamic field of human interaction. I’m an experiential trainer with a long history in online education. My motto is: “I teach students how to become their own teachers!” and I live by it. In my courses, I create the conditions for students to learn by themselves. With over 6000 satisfied students and hundreds of 5-star reviews, I believe that you can get more from this course than from any other online. And I truly believe that by better understanding yourself and others you can increase the quality of your life and experience it in a more fulfilling way.

Technical Requirements

  • A Mac
  • Screenflow (from


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