Create a Rowboat Mechanism Using Siemens Solid Edge

Mechanical Design - Learn How to Create and 3D Print a Prototype Rowboat Using Siemens Solid Edge

Create a Rowboat Mechanism Using Siemens Solid Edge

Course Description

This course is for student interested in mechanisms, mechanical design and 3D Printing.  You will create all the 3D parts that make up the rowboat and assemble these parts together into a working prototype. You will learn how to analyze and resolve issues that always come up during the design process such as motion and interference.  Mechanism design is all about “give and take” and you will experiment with a variety of alternate design solution. We will use the Siemens Solid Edge 3D CAD software.  This download is free to all students and is similar to Solidworks, Blender and Autodesk Inventor. 

Course Outcomes:
  • At the end of my course students will have created all the parts used in the rowboat mechanism, created the assembly and added motion.
Course Details:

Target Audience

Students with an interest in Mechanical Design. Only students with a good understanding of Solid Edge should take this class. If you are new to 3D and Solid Edge take my introductory classes first.

Access Timeframe

Full Lifetime Access
Certificate Info:
About Instructor:

John Devitry - Mechanical Engineering and 3D Design at Udemy

Technical Requirements

You will need to know Solid Edge 3D Design and Assembly. You can take my two other Udemy classes in preparation. You will also need to download the free academic version of the SIEMENS Solid Edge Software.


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