Building a Chat System in AJAX & PHP

Learn to create a nice chat system using PHP OOP and AJAX, within just one hour take your PHP skills to the next level

Building a Chat System in AJAX & PHP

Course Description

PHP is a server side scripting language which commonly used for creating web applications. AJAX is a powerful web development technique to do strong actions in the background, while the user doesn’t feel anything.

Chat System using PHP & AJAX

This course is a short but comprehensive course for creating a beautiful chat application using PHP and AJAX, while I’ll use PHP OOP method to make it secure, and this will responsive too. In this system, You’ll also learn how you can display data from the database using AJAX request to the PHP page in real time.

Students who know the very basics of PHP and JavaScript will easily understand it. However, this course is created while keeping all levels in mind, so if you are a beginner then still you can easily learn this course with simple approach.

Course Outcomes:
  • Build a responsive and dynamic chat system using PHP MySQLi
  • Learn to create a real time chat application using PHP PDO and AJAX
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Those who want to create a chat system in PHP and AJAX should join this course

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Abdul Wali - SEO Marketer & Udemy Instructor

Course Outline

in this lecture, I'll give you an introduction about this course and what you'll be learning in this course.

in this lecture, we'll create the index page for this project so we display the chat box here.

in this lecture, we'll create the database and table for inserting the messages and users.

in this lecture, we'll learn to display the message data on the chat box page.

in this lecture, you'll learn inserting the message and user name into the table using PHP and MySQL.

in this last lecture, you'll learn using the AJAX method to make the chat system working in real time.

This is just a bonus lecture in which you'll find something very useful related to my other courses. Thank you for taking this course and learning Chat Box in PHP & AJAX.

Technical Requirements

Basic PHPBasic JavaScriptXAMPPNotepad++


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