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Today, everything we do is on the web and organizations have been able to get the new insights and making data smarter. And this has lead in a huge requirement for Certified Big Data Hadoop Developers in the market. Our Big Data Hadoop and Spark training is comprehensive and designed considering current industry job requirements by industry experts to provide in-depth learning on the key core concepts of Big Data Hadoop and Spark.

Big Data and Hadoop Development

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  • NASSCOM says demand in big data will increase by 56%. Mid-skilled IT professionals will need to upskill
  • Testers, system admins, helpdesk support workers, and others working with legacy skills will become irrelevant in the future
  • Banking, finance,marketing, and advertising professionals should upskill in big data and analytics to gain a competitive edge

We help our students develop projects by applying their skillsets in an integrated environment. We expose our students to real-world problems and case studies from top companies like Facebook, Netflix, etc., as we think it to be the best way to build an incredible portfolio.

USA Crime Analysis
Aim of this project is to analyze which area in USA is more crime prone and what type of crime is more prominent in different areas of USA. This analysis will help in understanding the efficiency of USA police in solving criminal cases.

State-Wise Development Analysis in India
Aim of this project is to analyze how various state governments have performed in different developmental schemes. This analysis will be helpful in finding out how successful the government has been in implementing various projects.

Music Data Analysis using Spark
To analyze the large amount of data received from varieties of sources, namely mobile app and website to track the behavior of users, classify users, calculate royalties associated with the song and make appropriate business strategies for a leading music catering company.

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  • 30+ Offers made to students
  • 2500+ Hours spent coding
  • 100+ Recommendations given by clients
  • 500+ Projects completed by students

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