AWS IAM: The Cloud Engineer's Secure Cloud Handbook

TetraNoodle presents AWS IAM: The Cloud Engineer's Secure Cloud Handbook.

Course Description

Yes! I’m ready to secure their AWS account, manage the users, permissions and roles effectively and easily, and keep control of your AWS cloud resource usage!

I understand that when I act now, I get instant access to “AWS IAM: The Security Architect’s Secure Cloud Handbook”.

What you will learn:

  • How to manage AWS IAM users, roles, groups
  • How to manage AWS IAM permission policies
  • Understand IAM identities
  • How to secure your AWS resources
  • Enforce fine-grained permissions for your AWS users
  • Use encryption for stronger security

Course Objectives:

  • In-depth knowledge on AWS IAM Identities (users, groups, roles)
  • Manage and Access AWS Resources via AWS IAM
  • AWS IAM Custom Policies
  • Best practices while working with AWS IAM
  • Security features that you can implement with AWS IAM

Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Cloud engineers and architects
  • Security consultants/architects
  • IT administrators
  • Software/DevOps engineers
  • Cloud/AWS enthusiasts
  • Tech startup founders
  • Access Timeframe



  • Basic knowledge about AWS platform
  • Familiarity with command line terminal and executing commands
  • A basic understanding of Access Management and security aspects of software and IT infrastructure
  • A burning desire to learn something new
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    Course Outline

    • Intorduction to AWS IAM
    • Course Overview
    • Why We Need to Learn AWS IAM
    • Who Uses AWS IAM
    • Download Resources
    • Get Ready For AWS IAM
    • Get ready with AWS IAM
    • AWS IAM access made easy
    • Login to AWS as a root user
    • Test Your Knowledge
    • Download Resource - Handout
    • Introduction to AWS identities
    • Provision new AWS IAM user
    • Sign in as new AWS IAM user
    • Manage AWS IAM groups
    • Manage AWS IAM roles
    • Module Recap And Activity
    • Test Your Knowledge
    • Download Resource - Handout
    • AWS IAM access management
    • Deploy AWS EC2 instance
    • Accessing AWS resources using CLI
    • Enable/disable AWS IAM keys
    • AWS IAM roles
    • Create a custom AWS IAM policy
    • Custom IAM policies with code
    • Module Recap And Activity
    • Test Your Knowledge
    • Download Resource - Handout
    • Securing AWS resources
    • Setup password policies
    • Implement MFA for AWS IAM users
    • AWS IAM policy simulation
    • Web identity federation
    • Encryption key management
    • Best practices for AWS IAM
    • Course recap
    • Test Your Knowledge
    • Download Resource - Handout
    • Thanks! (Bonus Lecture)


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