Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present

Join 50 leading scholars in exploring antisemitism, from its roots to its contemporary forms.

Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present

Course Description

Trace the history of antisemitism – from antiquity to the present

In this course, 50 leading scholars from all over the world will explore questions and issues relating to antisemitism including:
what is antisemitism? How has it changed throughout history? Why can it be found among so many diverse cultures, and even among opposing ideologies? What happened to antisemitism after the Holocaust? How is antisemitism expressed today, and what are the main spheres in which it can be found?

We will examine different periods and societies, exploring the development of antisemitism as well as its changing nature over time, place and culture.

This course, designed by Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, is for anyone with an interest in history, in social dynamics and human nature, and in the phenomenon of antisemitism.

Course Outcomes:
  • Discuss what antisemitism is and what is unique about it
  • Identify antisemitic language and actions in the past and in the present
  • Explain the historical and ideological roots of antisemitism and how it has developed
  • Identify different types of antisemitism presented in the course and explain the differences, commonalities and dynamics between them
  • Discuss the characteristics of antisemitism today
  • Distinguish between antisemitism and legitimate criticism of the State of Israel


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