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Kids grasp concepts much quicker than adults. Android Programming for Children is taught by programming experts, in an easy-to-understand, and interesting way, so your child will pick up a new skill and have tons of fun while doing so.
Android Programming for Children

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  • Creativity can be channelized into developing cool, innovative apps
  • It nurtures entrepreneurship by teaching app making
  • Computational thinking helps them to solve problems
  • Fundamentals of Java Programming
  • Android Application Overview
  • Build complete Android Application
  • Host Application on Playstore

Android Programming for Children is meant for kids who love mobile apps and gadgets. This course will teach them making cool innovative apps & lend wings to their imagination.

  • To create a Slider Puzzle
  • To create a 2 player TicTacToe game
Course Duration: 4 Weeks
Sessions per Week: 3
Session Length: 2 Hours
Project & Assignments: 100 Hours
Who are your mentors?
All our mentors are experienced developers. We do not hire anyone who has less than 4 years of development experience. Love for coding and passion for teaching are two essential pre-requisites for all our mentors.

What if I am not happy with the course?
We are very sure that will never happen. And that is the reason we offer money bank guarantee. At any point if you want to discontinue for whatever reason, kindly refer to the refund policy.

Do you provide any course material?
Its a project based learning mode which is focused on very hands-on coding, driven by your mentor. All relevant course material and exercises will be available to you on your dashboard.

What resources do I need to do the course?
All you need is a laptop, internet connection and love for coding.

Can I do my own project as part of this course?
Sure. We encourage all our students to come up with their own idea for final project. Our mentors will help you bring those ideas to reality.


All you need is a laptop, internet connection and love for coding.