Advanced React.js LiveLessons

Pearson presents Advanced React.js LiveLessons.

Advanced React.js LiveLessons

Course Description

Advanced React.js LiveLessons from Pearson looks at the libraries that make React a complete front-end solution for building applications. First, React router is covered, which is the de facto standard React routing solution. Next, the training looks at Flux, the original data management pattern for large React apps. Then, the training covers the fundamentals of Redux, an extremely popular data management library inspired by Flux. Finally, the video series discusses strategies and libraries that are useful for testing react applications.

What you will learn:

  • Utilizing libraries to make React a complete front-end solution
  • React router
  • Flux
  • Redux
  • Testing React applications

Course Details:

Target Audience

  • Intermediate to experienced developers who would like to learn React.js for front-end web development.


  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • AJAX (not required, but is useful for this course)
  • REST (not required, but is useful for this course)
  • ES6 (not required, but is useful for this course)
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Method of Obtaining Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.


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