What's your betterU?


We like to think that work and life are balanced when you find purpose.

At betterU you’ll be doing something so unique that you’ll often need to wear different hats – and flexibility is key, so you’ll need to shift gears fast. You’ll share our vision and purpose, have stellar skills and a desire to continuously learn.

We know education can change lives, that’s why we do what we do. Education, whether traditional or non-traditional, will enhance your skills and abilities and add value to your life and workplace. At betterU, it’s not either-or, it’s both.

At betterU you'll …

Create opportunities for people to learn and grow

At betterU we’re helping to bridge the gap between education and jobs by providing the tools necessary to prepare learners for the jobs and careers they want to better their lives. From Sydney to Zürich, Ottawa to Mumbai, our global teams share a passion about making a difference.

Contribute your best

We are driven by a common vision, but the path itself is a journey of discovery. We need versatile people that can adjust easily to new opportunities, and we provide a flexible work environment where they can be their best. We trust our people to make the right decisions, so we give them the flexibility to manage their lives alongside the demands of a global business.

Join a wonderfully diverse family

Our passion for making a difference brings us all together as a family. It’s a family where diversity isn’t just preferred, it’s necessary to understand the different cultural, gender and socio-economic perspectives of the people we serve. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Our people love the opportunities to work on a global scale, and the possibility of visiting some of the most interesting places on earth.

Break new ground on a global scale

Levelling the playing field by opening access to education in some of the most remote places isn’t easy, and we’re constantly addressing new and exciting challenges. From the technical architecture of our platform to our partnership programs and initiatives, everything is new. We love tackling these hurdles head on and we’re proud to partner with local governments and large global companies to overcome them.

Career Opportunities

Our Employees

Brad Loiselle

President & CEO

“I want people that believe in the purpose of what we are trying to do and are not here just for the paycheck – I want people who are passionate about making a difference.”

Hans-Eric Lippke

Web Developer

“It’s pretty cool to be a part of something that could literally impact millions and millions of people. There’s so much potential.”

Jillian Morgan

Digital Marketing Manager

“It’s really nice to know that the people you work with trust your skills.”