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Babbel was among the first to pioneer online language learning, creating a powerful app that combines communicative didactics, cognitivism, behaviorism and constructivism. Progressive lessons are connected together as an interlinking framework, with each step building towards the next. This guarantees learners the shortest path to real-life conversations by:

  • Immersing you in a new language through real-life dialogues that get you speaking right away
  • Building each course based on your native language and personal interests
  • Employing proven cognitive techniques that move new vocab to your long-term memory
  • Using human voices and speech recognition to get you speaking confidently

Once your course purchase has been completed, you will receive a ‘Purchase Confirmation’ email from betterU. You will also be receiving a ‘Success Page’ email which will provide you with further instructions to access to your course. If this is the first time purchasing a course from Babbel  you will be asked to register as a new user and create a profile. If you have taken a course from Babbel before, you will simply be asked to login again.

Babbel Customer Service 

The Babbel Customer Service Team will answer your question as soon as possible and can generally do so within 48 hours. If they take a little longer, please be patient — they have up to 120,000 Babbel app downloads every single day!

If you are having difficulties with your course, please contact Babbel directly at support@en.babbel.com.

Once you have registered with Babbel you can access their Customer Service Team through the drop down menu of any lesson or from their mobile app.