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Today, Vubiz is a thriving, international elearning company with a solid reputation for award-winning elearning, unbeatable value and outstanding customer service. Vubiz provides full service—content, development, and delivery software—offering solutions that are extraordinarily flexible in practice. By having thousands of hours of ‘off-the-shelf’ content available for purchase ‘as-is’ or ‘tailored’ to a specific client situation, we differentiate ourselves from most inflexible elearning suppliers. By being lean as well as having a flexible business model, we can be lower priced than many companies—a key differentiator on a point of Value.

Interpreting Financial Statement

Introduction to Risk Management

Leadership for the Future

Hull on Derivatives

Once your course purchase has been completed, you will receive a ‘Purchase Confirmation’ email from betterU. You will also be receiving a ‘Success Page’ email which will give you access to your course. If this is the first time purchasing a course from Vubiz you will be asked to register as a new user and create a profile. If you have taken a course from Vubiz before, you will simply be asked to login again.

Vubiz Customer Service

If you are having difficulties with your course, please contact Vubiz directly at support@vubiz.com, https://vubiz.com/chaccess/vubiz/Techsup.asp or you can also try their Toll Free Number: (866) GO-VUBIZ | (866) 468-8249.